ATS UK Limited

ATS UK Limited See Drastic Improvements in Productivity with NCG CAM, Reducing Down-Time

Categories :Mould Tools, Toolmaking

Date :30/09/2019

Client :ATS UK Limited

About the Company

ATS UK Limited is a tool making company located in two facilities in Kent, England. Their Folkestone site specialises in the manufacture of Plastic Injection Mould Tools and is situated on the same site as their moulding shop, which specialises in low volume two shot moulding.

Manufacturing Ergonomic and Automated Workstations are the main activity at their Maidstone site. To accompany this, they produce full size automotive and aircraft interiors, providing an exact model experience for their customers, prior to full manufacture.



As tool makers, ATS UK Limited rarely use their machinery for batch work, as almost all of their manufacturing is single run programs; they needed a user friendly tool which would give them maximum flexibility. Following lengthy investigations, on various software packages, they chose NCG CAM due to its overall diversity and ease of use. In addition it fitted perfectly with the design software that they currently employ.


Results from Purchasing NCG CAM

NCG CAM has provided ATS UK Limited with numerous improvements throughout the shop-floor.

  • Drastic improvements in productivity times, thus improving efficiencies, which has led to a noticeable reduction in down-times.
  • As the software is easy to use, the cost of training was well below their targeted budget.
  • Continued shop-floor training for new employees, has given them the flexibility that they set out to achieve.
  • A major advantage is the versatility of the 5-Axis software. Using both the simultaneous machining and 3+2 axis options, their engineers can utilise their machine tools to their maximum capability.
  • The software works perfectly with all of their machine tools; they have found it incredibly compatible with all of the slight variants that they have with their controls.