Birinci Otomotiv

Birinci Otomotiv Invest in NCG CAM for High-Speed & Precision Machining

Categories :Forging Dies

Date :04/06/2018

Client :Birinci Otomotiv

About the Company

Birinci Otomotiv is located in İstanbul, Turkey. The Sarigazi plant supplies various forgings and fasteners to automotive, construction, hoisting and machinery industries. Birinci Otomotiv has the capability to manage any product that requires hot forging, machining, milling, drilling, rolling or welding processes from 100 grams up to 15 kg per piece.



Birinci Otomotiv was spending a long time creating tool paths and had limited strategies for finishing processes. They decided to purchase NCG CAM to solve their problems.


Results from Purchasing NCG CAM

  • NCG CAM has many more toolpath strategies.
  • Programming time was greatly reduced and can now be done in a short time.
  • Able to provide customers with more comprehensive machining solutions.
  • Training of additional staff is no longer an issue, as NCG CAM is so easy to use.