Dizayn Optimum Engineering

Dizayn Optimum Engineering Uses NCG CAM for Machining 5-Axis Thermoforming Moulds.

Categories :Mould Tools

Date :02/10/2018

Client :Dizayn Optimum Engineering

About the Company

Dizayn Optimum Engineering Company is one of the most important companies manufacturing thermoforming moulds for the white goods sector in Turkey. Dizayn Optimum Engineering was established in 1996 and is located in Manisa, Turkey; they are producing parts for Arçelik, BSH, Vestel, Whirpool and Indesit.

The company is producing thermoforming moulds in their own mould workshop.



Dizayn Optimum Engineering produces important door mould thermoformings for the white goods sector. These complex moulds needed to be machined in one set up on the CNC machine, whilst at the same time having safe 5-axis indexing operations.


Results from Purchasing NCG CAM

  • After installing NCG CAM in their mould workshop, 5-axis machining is now a really easy operation because of NCG CAM’s operator friendly user-interface.
  • With the help of NCG CAM, all 5 face 5-axis programs are calculated in a fast way and transferred to the 5-axis CNC machine safely, without any crashing or gouging.