Dynamic Die & Steel

Adopting NCG CAM on the Shop-floor Reduces Machining Lead Times by up to 95% for Dynamic Die & Steel (Sheffield) Ltd

Categories :Forging Dies

Date :04/06/2018

Client :Dynamic Die & Steel (Sheffield) Ltd

About the Company

Established since 1970, Dynamic Die & Steel (Sheffield) Ltd, Sheffield, UK, provide a complete sub-contract solution, specialising in medium to heavy machining of large forge tooling for a variety of industries including aerospace, mining and transportation.



Dynamic Die & Steel (Sheffield) Ltd were looking for a shop-floor CAM system suitable for their high speed machining centres, that would address the rapid turn around required when producing very large forging die tools.


Results from Purchasing NCG CAM

  • Machining lead times have been significantly reduced from 8 weeks down to just 2 days
  • Operators can make modifications straight away, by using the software on the shop-floor, saving time
  • The amount of benching has been minimised , as the smooth cutter paths produced by NCG CAM give excellent surface finish
  • Training of additional staff is no longer an issue, as NCG CAM is so easy to use