M J Toolmakers Ltd

M J Toolmakers Ltd Reduce Lead Times by 40% by Investing in 5 Seats of NCG CAM Software.

Categories :Mould Tools, Toolmaking

Date :12/11/2020

Client :M J Toolmakers Ltd

About the Company

M J Toolmakers Ltd are a company established since 1995, ran by two brothers, Nathan and Paul McDermott. Originally, they were mainly POS aluminium toolmakers, but changed the business model after purchasing the company from their father. In the 15 years of ownership since, they have strived to include the following in their toolmaking portfolio.

Fully hardened injection mould production tooling, including rarely used exotic metals for the main dies, specialising in micro moulds 75mm x 75mm square, and unscrewing and caps / enclosers to tooling that weighs up to 5 tonnes in weight. Rubber compression / transfer / injection tools, Blow moulds, Profile, hose/tube and rubber extrusion dies. Rapid prototype tooling produced in days, not weeks. Covering all the sectors of industries, from POS/POP, Medical, automotive, aerospace, MOD, oil and gas, marine and nuclear.



M J Toolmakers felt that the existing software they used needed updating as it seemed inefficient in processing and the drilling cycling was very laborious.


Results from Purchasing NCG CAM

With the recent addition of 5 licenses of NCG CAM, M J Toolmakers have seen:

  • 1 x day of On-site Training was given to 2 new Users and they were live machining the following day, it really was that easy!!
  • Production times have been improved and lead times reduced by over 40% in some cases.
  • The Drilling in NCG CAM reduces the chance of errors at the machine tool and saves a lot of time.

The team of 9 highly experienced toolmakers all agree, the ease of using the NCG CAM system is second to none.