Maviay Moulding Inc

Produce Mould Tools with Efficiency and Ease Using NCG CAM

Categories :Mould Tools

Date :04/06/2018

Client :Maviay Moulding Inc

About the Company

Established since 1998 in Istanbul, Turkey, Maviay Moulding Inc. is one of the most experienced and oldest company’s specialising in PVC blow moulding production.

Maviay Moulding Inc. is producing all kinds of bottle moulds, ranging from 50centilitres to 1000 litres capacities for various industries, including the oil sector.



Maviay needed to produce many customer orders in a short period of time. It was important that the design and manufacturing of the moulds was fast, but also accurate and produced to a high quality.

Having 3 CNC milling machines continuously running, it was essential that CAM programs were always downloaded to the CNC machines on time, so as not to slow down the production.


Results from Purchasing NCG CAM

  • CAM programming is very fast and efficient with NCG CAM
  • NCG CAM is very reliable