Mazakina Improves their Efficiency Machining Large Automotive Moulds with NCG CAM.

Categories :Automotive

Date :04/06/2018

Client :Mazakina

About the Company

Incorporated since 1978, Mazakina of Suzuka, Japan, produces prototype moulds, mainly automotive body panels and racing car bodies for customers such as Honda, Toyota, Suzuki and Diahatsu. 



Mazakina was looking for a CAM software package that was capable of successfully and efficiently creating toolpaths for very large press tools and moulds, such as car doors for their prototyping department.


Results from Purchasing NCG CAM

  • Able to successfully calculate toolpaths for body panel moulds as large as 1000mm x 2000mm in a competitive time. The CAM software used in the past, had problems in actually completing the calculation of large files.
  • Programming efficiency has improved dramatically due to the ease of use and fast calculation speeds of NCG CAM.
  • There are many ways to create passes, and it is also possible to edit the passes if needed.
  • Are able to define the size of the tool holders & shanks and input the minimum body length, allowing the use of shorter, more rigid tooling. This has further reduced machining time.
  • Moulds are produced with quality finished surfaces, reducing any hand finishing required.