Merrem Kunststoffen B.V.

Rapidly Expands their Business Investing in NCG CAM Simultaneous 5-axis

Categories :Mould Tools

Date :04/06/2018

Client :Merrem Kunststoffen B.V.

About the Company

Established in Dinxperlo, Netherlands in 2006, Merrem Kunststoffen B.V. is a supplier of technical plastic semifinished components for different sectors including automotive and machine builders. Merrem Kunststoffen B.V. is a part of the Merrem Kunststoffen Group who is a leading supplier of plastic components and technical rubber parts



Merrem decided to invest in a 5-axis CNC machine tool to expand their machining capabilities to their customers, but on purchasing the machine tool, they found it difficult to find a good 5-axis CAM software package, that could also work well with CATIA part files.


Results from Purchasing NCG CAM

  • Can now manufacture larger and more complex products utilising the simultaneous 5-axis capability. 5-axis machining has increased from once a week, to daily, rapidly expanding their business.
  • Parts can be machined quicker - calculations that had taken hours before, now take just 50 minutes.
  • NCG CAM has reliable collision checking, where it is possible for the head of the machine to automatically turn if it sees a potential point of collision, but still keeps the cutting tool on the job. This prevents any potential damage to the machine tool head, which could be very costly.
  • Merrem now run lights out machining producing 80,000 pieces / year.
  • An increase in new business lead to the purchase of an additional CNC.
  • Merrem has continued their success by expanding their business further into Germany, Estonia and Latvia.