Motivating Graphics Kft

Premium Surface Finish Produced by NCG CAM Allows Motivating Graphics Kft. to Save on Labour Costs

Categories :Toolmaking

Date :04/06/2018

Client :Motivating Graphics Kft.

About the Company

Based in Fort Worth, Texas, with plants in Mexico, Brazil, Hungary and the United States, Motivating Graphics has been in the printing industry for over 39 years, servicing the high-tech telecommunications and consumer electronics industries. Their capabilities include design, prototyping, testing, manufacturing, and kitting premium products & packaging solutions from start to finish.



Motivating Graphics were looking for a solution that was suitable to efficiently manufacture aluminium tools for paper pulp and plastic. One of the most important requirements, was to have the ability to quickly and easily create reliable macros, as many parts that they needed to manufacture were similar to each other.


Results from Purchasing NCG CAM

Purchasing NCG CAM software enabled Motivating Graphics to manufacture complex tools quickly and efficientley. They also benefited from the excellent macros in NCG CAM, the reliable and accurate toolpaths and the perfect surface quality of the finished part.

  • Corrections and modifications can be made very quickly.
  • Perfect user interface to create macros for similar parts.
  • Very stable toolpath generation and post-processing - with 0% faults.
  • Excellent cooperation with their Haas VF3 SS CNC machine.
  • Premium surface quality of the final machined parts, requiring no hand finishing, saving on labour costs.