PGT Inca

PGT Inca Choses to Invest in 5 Seats of NCG CAM, Including Simultaneous 5-axis

Categories :Toolmaking

Date :04/06/2018

Client :PGT Inca

About the Company

PGT Inca, UK have been a supplier of tooling to the investment casting industry since 1973 and have built a worldwide reputation for supplying quality tooling.

PGT Inca has become the first choice tooling supplier for a number of foundries throughout the world for the supply of tooling for complex smaller aerospace components, covering single vanes, multi vanes and core tooling.

Recent investments have enabled PGT Inca to expand into the IGT market, gaining preferred supplier status to one of the major suppliers of large vanes and blades.



PGT Inca were looking for CAM software suitable for programming on the shop-floor.


Results from Purchasing NCG CAM

PGT Inca had NCG CAM and another product in their programming department, so the solution was to chose between either one of these. Talking with their programmers and CNC operators, the programmes written in NCG CAM were favoured, so they chose to invest in 5 seats of NCG CAM, including a seat of simultaneous 5-axis

  • NCG CAM was easier to use - to achieve the same results in the other software required far more steps during programming.
  • The setup sheets created in NCG CAM are far more user friendly. Many of the CNC operators complained about the amount of paperwork and lack of header sheets when running files from the other software.

PGT Inca now has the ability to start the programming on the shop floor, with the project then being transferred back into the programming department for the more complex time consuming elements to be completed.