Pimaks Defense & Aerospace

Invest in NCG CAM to Increase Efficiency and Ease of Use

Categories :Aerospace

Date :04/06/2018

Client :Pimaks Defense & Aerospace Inc

About the Company

Pimaks Group has 30 years machine part manufacturing, machine design and CNC machining experience. Their customers are from the mining, defence and aerospace sector; their main focus is producing special mechanical parts for these sectors.

Pimaks Aerospace, Ankara, Turkey was established in 2012; Pimaks Aerospace is a sister company of Pimaks Pnomatic.



Pimaks have to support their customers with very short delivery times. Parts have to be manufactured as quickly as possible, but still accurately and to a high quality finish.

It was a very important requirement for Pimaks to have reliable, fast in-house CAM programming, that was also easy to use and easy for new CAM operators to learn.


Results from Purchasing NCG CAM

  • Pimaks had previously been using Openmind Hypermill, but they found it difficult to hire and train new CAM operators to use the software. With NCG CAM, it is now possible to train new operators in just 2 days to send NC Codes to the CNC milling machines and be machining.
  • CAM programming is very fast and efficient with NCG CAM. nearly 6 times faster than before.
  • CNC machining toolpaths are safer and machining time has been reduced.
  • Post-processor generation is easy and adding new CNC milling machines is no longer a problem.