The Di-Spark Group

The Di-Spark Group Continue to Invest in NCG CAM as they Diversify into 5-Axis Machining

Categories :Aerospace

Date :04/06/2018

Client :The Di-Spark Group

About the Company

Established since 1980, The Di-Spark Group supply precision machined components for industries such as aerospace, defence, medical, oil and gas, motorsport, nuclear and scientific. Specialist areas are in the manufacture of complex precision machined components and sub assemblies using advanced manufacturing technologies such as 5-axis milling, multi task mill-turn, wire erosion and spark erosion.



The Di-Spark Group was looking for a CAM system suitable for their Agie Charmilles Mikron machine tool that was robust, easy to use and was suitable for 3+2 axis machining and later on, full simultaneous 5-axis machining.


Results from Purchasing NCG CAM

  • Programming bottle necks were removed by introducing NCG CAM
  • Many 5-axis parts can easily be programmed using the 3+2
  • Full simultaneous 5-axis module could be simply added to the base module of NCG CAM as the business grew
  • Ease of use allows for even complete novices to CAM software to quickly learn to machine parts with NCG CAM
  • As The Di-Spark Group expanded in size, it was very easy to increase the number of users able to use NCG CAM