Vaskuvik Kft

Vaskuvik Kft, Hungary, Implement 5-Axis Milling Technology.

Categories :Toolmaking

Date :12/11/2020

Client :Vaskuvik Kft

About the Company

Vaskuvik Kft. was founded in 2003 to manufacture custom machined parts, toolmaking and repair. In 2011 they moved into their own workshop with a floor area of 425m2 in an industrial park in Gödöllő, Hungary. Their 20 staff are experienced mechanical engineers who are also continuously trained. Their activities are complex tasks, primarily in the field of manufacturing special machines and tool engineering. They also manufacture custom machine-cut parts, precision tool elements, and offer a tool repair service, which preserves the manufacturing ability of the high-value tools of their customers.



Vaskuvik Kft was looking to implement simultaneous 5-axis milling technology, programming the 5-axis mill using CAM software.


Results from Purchasing NCG CAM

Vaskuvik Kft chose NCG CAM standalone CAM solution for the task. The chosen solution included the simultaneous 5-axis programming module, which came complete with machine simulation and a tailor-made post-processor, which was handed over only after validation. The results they have seen since purchasing:

  • Quick implementation, fast learning curve, continuous support
  • 4 years of experience of high-performance programming without mistakes
  • Purchased the 2nd seat of NCG CAM after 2 years of experience with the software
  • Continuous improvement
  • Equally adequate for producing unique parts, electrodes and tools alike