Vishu Industries

NCG CAM Helps Vishu Industries to Diversify their Plastic Moulds and Precision Machining.

Categories :Mould Tools, Precision Machining

Date :30/09/2019

Client :Vishu Industries

About the Company

Vishu Industries established in 2016 to meet the high demand of Precision CNC Machines to use for wire cutting, EDM, and VMC, manufacturing in all types of tool rooms across India, The company designs & develops plastic moulds, manufactures precision machined parts and carries out repairs and modifications.



Vishu Industries were looking for standalone CAM software that enabled them to quickly and easily modify designs and change between different materials and the speeds and feeds needed for these.



Results from Purchasing NCG CAM

  • Now have very short manufacturing lead times.
  • The NCG CAM Toolsheets are accurate and reliable to work with.
  • The Database Editor makes it very easy to add machine tools or tooling.
  • Macros are good for repeat parts, or making similar parts that need a few changes; just Click or Edit.
  • The SAM TECH SOLUTIONS Customer Support Department provides fantastic support, quickly helping to resolve any issues with post-processors and networking between their 3-Axis CNC milling machines.