Preconomy Ltd

Preconomy Ltd Invests in 5 Seats of NCG CAM & Reaps the Benefits After Just 1 Day


Categories :Toolmaking

Date :30/09/2019

Client :Preconomy Ltd

About the Company

Preconomy is a long established large toolmaker based in the East Midlands, manufacturing new tooling as well as servicing, modifications and repairs to aluminium cast, magnesium cast, and plastic moulding tools for the automotive, oil and gas, and civils industries.

With lifting and machining capacity up to 25t, Preconomy is a highly skilled company working on complex tools.



Preconomy felt its original software was becoming more and more prohibitive with ease and speed of programming, as the original software had not had any major developments for a number of years. With increasing pressures and reduced lead times, it was an area Preconomy looked to resolve.


Results from Purchasing NCG CAM

A conversation with NCG CAM Solutions Ltd and an offer of an initial free trial showed immediate improvements over the old software.

  • The interface was very similar, so the learning curve to the new software only took a day of familiarisation.
  • The improved model manipulation and path generation options quickly removed previous stumbling blocks.